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Compact, Cool, and Concealable. The Smith & Wesson CSX

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Left Side View.

There’s always compromises when it comes to choosing the right concealed carry pistol. Sight length, Trigger feel, Capacity, Materials all end up getting juggled to find the right pistol for you. Smith and Wesson is starting 2022 off right by coming out of the gate with a brand new model that aims to make compromises in a CCW a thing of the past. Working the gun counter, you’ll always hear people asking for a solid all metal carry piece. Usually this means dropping 700+ on a micro 9, a EMP, or a Sig 938 all of which are single stack, great compact carry options. But with the CSX You’ll be getting the best aspects of all those, with a 2-1 stack mag pushing the capacity beyond the limits of some of our more Communist leaning states. All while being less than an Inch thick !


*   Aluminum alloy frame.
 *   Glare reducing slide serrations.
 *   Interchangeable, textured backstraps including small and extra small sizes for better concealability.
 *   Textured front strap.
 *   Ambidextrous manual thumb safety.
 *   Ambidextrous, elongated slide stop.
 *   Two magazine release buttons included for left and right hand shooters.
 *   Chamfered ejection port to help ensure no snags when drawing from holster.
 *   Slide includes EZ-tab integration for simpler racking.
 *   Optimal 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim.
 *   Flat faced trigger with integrated safety for a consistent finger placement.
 *   Single action for a light, crisp trigger pull for accurate shot placement.
 *   1 in 10˝ twist rate.
 *   Armornite® durable corrosion resistant finish.
 *   Backed by Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy.

Right Side view W/ 12 Round Magazine

First Impressions

Immediately on opening the box, you’ll notice this has a very high build quality, smooth finished aluminum feels cool and solid in the hand, with deep easy to use serrations added in all the most useful spots. Also in the box, was something very unique in this class of pistol : A left handed mag release, you simply remove the righty and install the included piece to make this much more south paw friendly. The manual safety lever was easy to manipulate, and didn’t get in the way. As a larger than average guy, I very much appreciated the comfortable beaver tail and larger backstrap option they included, even with these the 10 round magazine left me wanting a little more to hold on to. The 12 round magazine filled my hand well. The trigger pull was impressive for a gun of this size, and the white dot sights were fast and easy to pick up even in a low light room.

Content of the CSX Box

Final Thoughts

As someone who usually carries a Sig 365x, this felt very close in weight, but the thin profile definitely made a difference. The hammer fired design reminds me of an ‘ol reliable 1911 and the well thought out texturing and serrations made running a standard drill a breeze. The fact smith managed to squeeze this many features into a pistol so tiny is really amazing, as is the $600 ish MSRP which puts it solidly under anything remotely comparable. This is a solid addition to the somewhat crowded hi-cap carry field while brining enough to the table to really stand out.

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