Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking if you can legally own a firearm, you can buy ammo online! Some areas require additional documentation such as Illinois residents needing to verify they have a FOID card. California residents must provide a FFL (Federal Firearms License) to ship the ammunition to which will then transfer the purchase to them. Please check with your desired FFL BEFORE making your purchase to verify they offer this service.

We currently do not ship to New York City (the boroughs) , Connecticut, New Jersey or Washington DC.

We strive to turn around your packages as fast as possible. Typically we are shipping within 2-3 business days of your order being placed. This may change depending on order volumes. We are closed on the weekends so that can delay contact or orders until Monday morning.

You will receive two emails as your order processes. Once your order has been packaged, you will receive an "order complete" email from us. Once it has been taken by UPS you will receive tracking info from UPS.

We take care to make sure our inventory levels are as accurate as possible. If an item shows in stock and a quantity available on the website that is what we currently have available and allocated to online customers in our shipping warehouse.

We utilize UPS' World ship software. The UPS system will automatically send out your tracking number to the email you provided at checkout. The email will come from UPS not AB Guns. YOU ONLY WILL GET TRACKING AFTER UPS PICKS UP. UPS picks up every week day.

When you view your UPS tracking it may show a weight that may not line up with what would be expected for the quantity of ammunition you ordered. This is not a mistake. We have negotiated a rate with UPS which prices shipping based on volume, and not weight. Since ammo tends to be very dense (heavy for the size box it fits in), basing the pricing on size vs weight allows us to keep our rates lower and also more predictable between different ammo types. Don't panic when that 50 pound case of 45 shows in tracking as 10. It just means you got a better deal!